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Whether it is a photo shooting, a wedding or simply a desire to have your best form at the beach, you will learn how to make adjustment that will make the difference when you show off.



About two weeks out from the big day, start loading up on sodium (SALT). How much water your body holds is closely related to how much sodium it holds.

When you first increase sodium levels your body will hold more water but after a while it will adapt and will hold the same amount of water as when your sodium intake was low – this will help you shed more water when you finally cut your sodium intake. More on this in step 3.

How to do this ?

Increase your sodium levels primarily by adding salt to your foods. Shoot up to 4 grams/day.

Few examples of foods that will help you: sardines, anchovies, canned tuna and chicken, canned vegetables are also a good source of sodium. There are many more, be creative.


At least one month before the big day you should already be eating a low carbohydrate diet (1-1,5 grams/kg of body weight).

However ,one week before the big day it is time to really cut the carbohydrates in an effort to deplete your body`s glycogen levels. Glycogen is the storage form of carbohydrates in your body.

Dropping the carbohydrates to as few as possible has the effect to accelerate fat burning. When you consume no carbs your body is forced to turn body fat into the major source of fuel for the body. This will help burn off those last few pounds of body fat, leaving you that much leaner.

How to do this ?

On day 7,6 and 5 eat only protein and small servings of vegetables (around 100 grams) for meals.

On day 4 and 3 you will drop all the carbohydrates, that means you are not allowed at all any carbohydrates during these two days, to fully deplete glycogen levels.

From my experience when I prepare for a professional photo shooting – I train a total body circuit the whole week (both weights and cardio – for at least 45 minutes) and in the evening another 45 minutes of running constantly at medium intensity. This means two training sessions per day. It purges my remaining glycogen.


One week before the big day it is time to cut the sodium at all. Eat only fresh vegetables to keep the level down. DO NOT EAT cooked food out at the restaurants.


This technique will help you flush out any remaining sodium in your body.

Target to drink between 5-8 liters per day.


The last 2 days before the big day you need to limit your liquid intake.

How to do this ?

On day 2 before the big day keep your fluid intake under 1,5 liters. On day 1 before the big day limit water intake to maximum of 0,5 liters.

I know it is hard because I`ve been doing this many times and it requires a lot of discipline and mental strength but it is worth it if you want to be THE BEST VERSION OF YOU when you show off. Hard work always pay off – remember that !


You will see that you will absolutely love the last two days before the big day because it is time to restock your muscle glycogen levels.

You will do this because you want to look as big and muscular possible besides you will keep that shredded look.

I recommend you to target 3 grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight

Example: If your body weight is 75 kilograms you will eat: 75 x 3 = 225 grams of carbohydrates per day.

Very important !

Carbohydrates can only come from fast-digesting sources such as white potatoes or from slower-digesting sources such as sweet potatoes. Stick to these sources and keep them as dry as possible, don`t cook them with water (bake them) and don`t add any salt.

Avoid any fruit these two days and you will be in your greatest form.


Now you are on the last part of the preparation and you are in a straight line for the best looking version of you.

The last week before these 3 days was very tough but we are at the end and we will reach our maximum potential.

For example we will take Sunday as the big day.

On Thursday you are already cut the carbohydrates , you are only on protein and fats and you are training 2 times per day. First session of training will be a mix of weightlifting and cardio and the second session preferably in the evening/night before sleeping.

How you do this?

In the first session you can split your routine like this: take 2 parts of the body, make one set of each body part at about 15 reps and after that you go on the treadmill and run 5 minutes (minimum speed 9) and after that you take another 2 parts and repeat one set each and 15 reps.

It`s that simple, between your lifting sets you will have 5 minutes of running each time. You should have at least 5 rounds of running and with the time for lifting you will have maximum 45 minutes of total training.

I promise you that it will be very intense and you will be sweating like hell at the end of the routine.

In the evening/night you will go for the second training of the day and it will be 45 minutes of low intensity running. I advise you to run at your own pace and be constant throughout your running time and don`t stop for nothing until you hit your goal of 45 minutes.

On Friday you will keep your water intake to a minimum of 1 liter through the day and absolutely no sodium at all and you start load on carbohydrates.

You should target around 4-5 grams of carbs per kilogram of body weight. Remember to avoid cook the carbs with water. The easiest and safest way is to eat baked white potatoes and cook them personally (don`t add salt). Avoid any fruits these two days and try to stick to the white potatoes or sweet potatoes.

I recommend to have a training session full body with easy weights and a high repetiton range (15-18).

On Saturday you will repeat the same process and try to cut the water at all, that means you will not drink any water. It will be a tough mental game but you can do this. However be cautious and remember that dehydrating your body can be very dangerous. If you experience severe headaches, weakness, dizziness, severe muscle cramps or your urine color turns a brown or greenish brown, start drinking more water immediately.

Remember that all the advice you received here was tested by me personally with great results as you can see for yourself on social media where I am present.

That would be all !

May you have great success and rock any important event you have with your best looking body shape !


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