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Good posture is an easy and important way to maintain a healthy mind and body.

A correct posture means that your body is in alignment with itself and it means that your lifts will be stronger, your muscles will work more efficiently, you will help prevent pain and injury and the most important thing you will look and feel better everyday. Most postural deviations appear because the imbalances of the muscles that work to hold a joint in its place. For example: rounded shoulders are caused by tight pectorals combined with weak back muscles which leads to an internal rotation of the shoulders.
The most effective way to correct imbalances like this is to stretch the overactive muscles and to strengthen the underactive muscles.



Credits: www.builtlean.com
This problem is caused by sitting with a bad posture, sitting hunched over a computer screen forces chest muscles to tighten and the result is a weaken and loosen of the upper back muscles.

How to correct it : relieve chest tightness with specific stretching of the muscle and try to strengthen the muscles of the back. Foam rolling for the upper back is also very effective.



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This problem is caused by a bad posture while sitting, especially in an office while typing, or imbalanced exercise routine based on excessive pressing of the chest muscles. Chest muscles are tighten while postural muscles in the upper back weaken and loosen , this can internally rotate the shoulders forward.

How to correct it : pretty much the same as in hunchback problem, relieve chest tightness with specific stretching of the muscle and strengthen the muscles of the back with specific pulling movements.


forward head

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This is one of the most common posture problems and as you can see the head is not aligned with the spine which can cause stress driven headaches, corrupt quality sleep and sometimes is even responsible for that tingling in the arms or hands.

How to correct it : Here I will give you 3 tips so you can start today to improve and be aware of this problem if you have it
TIP 1: Make sure your computer monitor is ergonomically set up. Raise your monitor so that the top third of your screen is at eye-level. The distance from your monitor to your eyes should be between 45 cm to 60 cm.
TIP 2: Never carry heavy bags, backpacks or purses. Avoid carrying bags on 1 arm or shoulder because they lead to improper posture.
TIP 3: Get up and walk around every half an hour that you work at your desk, work in front a computer or watch television. Studies have shown that frequent moving around decreases pressure on your neck and back.

Credits: www.wikihow.com/Correct-Forward-Head-Posture

This is all about life and keep in mind that your posture will ultimately define your life in so many ways.

Stay strong always !


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